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José Manuel Calderón Talks with Albert Llovera

Albert Llovera Massana, Andorran sportsman whose main motivation and inspiration has always been self-improvement. As a teenager, Albert competed on the ski slopes, taking part in the XIV Winter Olympic Games in the city of Sarajevo (1984), occupying the position of youngest athlete among the skiers. In the same place, a year later, Albert Llovera's life was drastically transformed. While competing for the European Cup, the young athlete miraculously escaped death. The very serious accident he suffered led to broken dorsal vertebrae, preventing him from simply walking for the rest of his life.

And this is when we see the real magic happen... This huge obstacle in his life has tested Albert, whose reaction and attitude has inspired thousands of people to challenge themselves and become better versions of themselves.

Today, Llovera actively participates in motor racing competitions and one of the most intense and arduous races: the Dakar Rally, using only his hands.


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